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Therapy and Psychological Counselling

Our psychologists are available to help with personal concerns and problems.

Dr Ursula Froschauer
(Grade 5-12)

Office hours:
Mo, Wed, Fr 07h00-13h00

Chrissi Giessen-Hood
(Regentröpfchen – Grade 4)

Office hours:
Mo – Fr 08h00-13h00

Our psychologists provide support with:

  • emotional
  • family
  • academic difficulties.

In addition, they provide:

  • Short-term therapy (up to six sessions until grade 4 and up to four sessions for grades 5 and above).
  • Classroom support and consultation for teachers
  • Parent counselling
  • Crisis intervention
  • Psychological assessments
  • Advice on subject choice
  • Social skills training
  • Workshops for students and pedagogical staff

How do I make a referral to a school psychologist: Referral to School Psychologist

Please note: our psychologists do not provide crisis hotlines or emergency intervention. Should you or your child need this type of intervention, please make use of the official emergency numbers as listed on The South African Depression and Anxiety Group website: