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Fiona Schäfer (MA Educational Science)
Head of the Phoenix Support Centre and Anti-Bullying Counsellor

  • Contact and advice for students, parents and educators about the support centre and the support offer
  • Organization and administration of courses
  • Coordination of processes and support measures
  • Coordination of psychological assessments and concessions
  • Evaluation and development of the support concept
  • Coordination of tutoring network
  • Anti-bullying counselling and prevention

Office hours: Monday to Friday: 08h00 – 14h30 and by appointment     011 726 6220

Christina Giessen-Hood (M.Ed.Psych.)
School Psychologist for Kindergarten, Preschool and Primary School

  • Psychological counselling / individual therapy for children and group interventions
  • Friendship counselling
  • Educational counselling
  • Diagnostics and assessments: Individual psychological diagnostics (cognitive, academic and emotional diagnostics) and school performance screening.
  • ISek and Saturday school: Admission tests
  • Teacher support (class visits, consultation/feedback, class interventions)

Office Hours: Monday to Thursday, 08h00-13h00                  011 726 6220

Dr. Ursula Froschauer (PhD Psych.)
School psychologist for secondary schools I and II

  • Psychological counselling/ individual therapy for children and adolescents
  • Educational counselling
  • Diagnostics and testing
  • New Medium High School: Admission tests
  • Teacher support (class visits, consultation/feedback, class interventions)

Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 07h00-13h00           011 726 6220

Uta Prinsloo (BA German and Geography, German Honours, HDiplEd., dyslexia and dyscalculia trainer and learning didactician)

Dyslexia Trainer

  • Individual support for students with dyslexia
  • AFS method: attention training, functional training, symptom training
  • Diagnostics and testing procedures: AFS – creation of a profile of strengths and weaknesses

Christiane Köstlin (BA Occupational Therapy, Postgrad Dipl. in Paediatric Perception)

Occupational Therapist

  • Individual therapy for perceptual disorders and motoric abnormalities
  • Consultation for parents and teachers
  • Trained in sensory integration         082 367 3948


Martina Hess (German speech therapist)
Speech therapist

  • Prevention, diagnosis, therapy, counselling and rehabilitation of speech, language and swallowing disorders
  • Implementation of diagnostic procedures to determine language competencies
  • Individual treatment of speech, language and swallowing disorders with the aim of improving or establishing communication skills
  • Diagnostics and treatment of phonological awareness (basic competence for the acquisition of written language)
  • Counselling of parents and relatives                                  082 855 5511