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Soccer Tournament at the DSJ with our partner schools from Soweto

Over the years, it has become a tradition that soccer teams from our partner schools in Soweto visit us in the quest to find out which team is the best. In these tournaments, the visiting schools receive sports outfits which are sponsored by the German Embassy in Pretoria.

This year, again, six teams from the Grade 6 classes of the Ikaneng, Bopanang and Mbuysa Primary School, their coaches and other personnel of the schools visited the DSJ on a sunny Friday morning during the 3rd term. They were eagerly expected by the Grade 6 girls and boys teams of our school.

During the matches each of the teams playED against the other, Nathan and Morgan, the referees, made sure that everything went smoothly. Many thanks for your support!

The atmosphere was fantastic, not at last due to the fact that all played fair and no injuries occured. Only happy, excited faces could be seen. Both DSJ teams used their home advantage and won their matches. The other teams showed excellent performances as well and were serious opponents who left the field content and happy.

A special thank you goes to Rafique Hassim, who made sure the fields had the correctly marked and to the Prefects of Emma Welke, Taryn Vosters and Nicholas Bouwer. They were very important helpers, taking care of time management and issuing of certificates.

Following a meal at the Tuck Shop, all were in high spirits and bid their farewells. We would like to thank Cornelia and her team for preparing more than 90 meals for this event.

We now look forward to next year following this successful event!

August 2016
Elke Hoffmann-Seidel
(Principal NSek)