Science Week

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Science Week

21 September 2016

Science Week 2016 was an idea that started last year that developed into a two week project of extraordinary proportions. Lasting two full school week, with nearly 2000 students, over 33 multi-national companies and involving two schools and all their teachers, Science Week 2016 has been a huge success. Taking part at the Deutsche Internationale Schule Pretoria and the Deutsche Internationale Schule Johannesburg in September, the Science Week took learners out of their normal text book school environment and immersed them in a week of projects, demonstrations and experiments. It gave learners the opportunity of exploring new ideas, interacting with industries that they had never had contact with and enabled them to experiment with new technologies.

Science Week 2016 was not limited to learners at the DSP and the DSJ, but over 400 learners from Mamelodi and Soweto were invited to take part in the event. One of the aims of the project was to get a large an outreach as possible to local disadvantaged schools and pupils in the local areas. This was vital to the project as it enables companies to interact with learners from many different backgrounds and to really see on a grassroots level, what learners need in order to move forward with their education in science and technology.

Thanks to companies such as Bosch, ABB, Siemens, Evonik, Strub, CSIR, Hytec, SANSA, JEFA, NISSAN, BMW, VUT and many more, learners were able to gain a better understanding of the different industries with specialists in their fields. Additionally, there were able to have discussions that would normally only take place once they were in the work place. Learners also had the opportunity of visiting companies such as CSIR, Hytec and ABB to gain further insights into how the companies work.

Science Week 2016 hopes to not only awaken an interest in science and technology but to develop a long lasting appreciation and passion which will go far beyond the two weeks of fun and interaction that we had and to show that science and technology are immeasurably interlinked into our world and our lives and that everyone can make a difference.

Anne Waldek-Thill
Science Week Founder