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Emergency Plan for the DSJ

DSJ Emergency Plan 2022

Safety on the DSJ Grounds

Dear Parents,

Please note that the school is obliged to provide supervision on the school grounds during official school times.

Early Morning Supervision

In the pre-School and in the Primary School there is supervision from 06.45 am.
For the Secondary School, supervision takes place from 07.25.

Break Supervision

Supervision takes place during all break times for the Pre-School, the Primary School and the Secondary School.

After School

For the Pre-School and the Primary School, there is supervision until the busses depart at 14.30.
The Secondary School officially closes at 14.25.
Thereafter, supervision is provided for all pupils taking part in Extra-Murals or who are officially registered for aftercare.

There is no supervision for children who are not involved in any of the above after 14.30.  The school will not be liable should something happen to your child in this time.

For the safety of your child, we ask you to take this matter seriously.