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Joining the Regentröpfchen marks the beginning of the journey through the world of the DSJ. Here, childcare is offered for children aged one to three years. Toddlers have social and emotional interaction with others, are able to explore, and from an early age onward learn the German language through play. The classrooms are specially furnished for small children and offer additional rooms for sleeping and resting.

At age three, the Regentröpfchen children become Regenbogen- Kids. In eleven additional well-lit and friendly rooms with under-floor heating, a dollhouse or reading corners, the children play and learn. Friendships are made, the children learn to question and be creative, interact with and learn from one another.

Non-German children can join the Kindergarten class when they are five years old. Within two years they will learn the German language, which will allow them to enter directly into the German primary school of the DSJ. These kids are part of the “integrated Kindergarten-Phase” which runs over two years.

Educational goals

The Regenbogen-Kids are prepared for primary school in an age appropriate manner by experienced and highly committed teachers. The objective is school-readiness for the Deutsche Internationale Schule Johannesburg.

This is achieved through the discussion of weekly topics and projects that are carried out with the children over longer periods of time.

The focus points are
· Language development
· Development of intercultural skills
· Development of musical abilities
· Fine and gross motor development
· Development of aesthetic and artistic skills
· Cognitive development
· Elementary development in natural sciences

Every child’s German language competence is fostered through the enjoyment of speaking, the strengthening of their understanding of the language, vocabulary and grammar. This is done in small groups and if necessary, individual development programmes are employed. When required, extra support can be found in our Phoenix Centre. To promote the immersion of the kids into the German language even more there are free AGs (extra murals) in the afternoons which can be chosen per term.

Special activities:
Playing in the sports hall, climbing the jungle gym and digging in the sandpit – there is something for everybody. From the traffic park and the school kitchen, right up to the Regenbogen-Kids Choir, additional activities (at parent’s cost) such as Playball, Little Kickers (football), Ballet, Kindermusik, Funastics, Mini Tennis, Gymnastics and Karate provide a full spectrum of extramural activities for younger children.