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Yet again we have had a fabulous year of DSJ Theatre! Talent is truly alive within the DSJ.

This year, we opted for a rivetingly retro original by the name of Ramona… rocking with some real 60s classics, Ramona follows the tale of two young lovers through turbulent 1960s Germany.

We had a stellar cast this year, which even included select members of our younger grades. It is humbling to see how passion, determination and dedication to the process that is theatre is such a powerful tool for the younger and older grades alike. The metamorphosis of confidence was truly visible throughout.

We were blessed to have two sold out shows this year, with our VIP evening boasting invitees of the school board, management and South African Theatre Industry professionals alike. The DSJ learner’s shined like the stars they are, prompting feedback such as, “I loved Ramona, a show that appeals to both young and old! It is filled with heart, enthusiasm and tons of laughs!” and “The learners played their roles with great passion, intensity and skill. It was an evening of excellence and great enjoyment.”

I am truly humbled, as I am year after year, to be provided with such a beautiful opportunity to work with these passion-filled kids, to be allowed to craft productions around the many skills that DSJ possess and I look forward to all that is still to come.

Theatre culture is alive at DSJ and growing!

Bianca Schulte-Brader