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Pyschological Assessments

Psychological assessments are helpful in advising individual school careers. You can find out more here.

Psychological Assessments

Registration Form for Assessments

The implementation of specifically selected psychoeducational assessments enables a comprehensive insight into the scholastic, cognitive and emotional developmental status of students. Test procedures can be used, for example, in the case of cognitive, concentration or behavioral problems, when behavior suddenly changes, but also when it is being considered whether a student should be enrolled in school early or skip a grade.

Whether and when it makes sense to conduct one or more tests is best discussed directly with our psychologists.

General information: The psychologist receives initial information from the parents or the student and then decides which tests are necessary. If an assessment is needed that the DSJ can offer internally, an appointment will be made after registration. Depending on the question, the tests consist of a cognitive performance test, questionnaires on emotionality, tests on the status of academic performance and, if necessary, specific tests on reading, spelling and arithmetic skills. The results are explained to the parents in a detailed report and an in-person meeting, and individual next steps are advised.

Within the DSJ, there is only a limited capacity for psychoeducational assessments, which can also only be carried out in German. If an assessment is required that cannot be performed by a psychologist at the DSJ or is required in English, we are happy to help you find a suitable psychologist outside the DSJ.

Below is a listing of possible assessments through the Phoenix Centre. For more information and registration, please contact

Fees for Test Procedures