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Why does water always flow downhill? Why is the sky blue? How does a car work? How many solar cells do we need to replace a nuclear power plant? How to build an absolutely safe alarm system? … All of these are questions that can only be answered with the help of physics. Physics is the science that studies the laws of nature and formulates them into a mathematical language. It provides engineers with everything they need to develop useful things such as cars, smartphones, electric guitars, can openers, microwaves, etc. The medical profession now has X-ray machines, artificial knee joints, anatomically shaped shoes, spectacles, etc. as a result of physicist. Athletes could not jump high without physics; they would have no stopwatches and would have to run without spikes. All areas of life are characterized by physics. For learners, physics presents a great challenge because it requires not only good analytical and systematic thinking, but also the mastery of mathematics and personality traits such as perseverance, high frustration tolerance, creativity, imagination and honesty. What is the reward for the hard work? Having the pleasure to understand the world we live in and make a contribution to make them better.

Physics Topics Grade 8


  • Ray model of light
  • Light and shadow
  • Dispersion and reflection, mirror
  • Light refraction, lenses
  • Optical devices (microscope, telescope, etc.) mechanics


  • Forces
  • Mass
  • Movements, speed

 Physics Topics Grade 9


  • Energy forms
  • Energy conservation
  • Performance

Magnetism and electromagnetism

  • Magnetic poles
  • Magnetization
  • Magnetic fields
  • Electromagnet


  • Circuit
  • Conductivity of substances
  • Water model
  • Voltage
  • Series, parallel connection
  • Performance
  • Power
  • Resistance
  • Work

Physics Topics Grade 10

Waves and Light

  • Transverse Pulses
  • Transverse Waves
  • Longitudinal Waves
  • Sound
  • Electromagnetic Radiation

Magnetism and Electricity

  • Magnetism
  • Electric Circuits
  • Electrostatics


  • Vectors and Scalers
  • Motion in One Dimention
  • Representing Motion Graphically
  • Equations of Motion
  • Newton‘s Laws

Physics Topics Grade 11


  • Vectors in Two Dimentions
  • Newton‘s Laws
  • Equations of Motion
  • Graphs of Motion
  • Equilibrium
  • Momentum and Impulse

Electricity and Magnetism

  • Electrostatics
  • Electric Circuits
  • Internal Resistence
  • Electromagnetism

 Physics Topics Grade 12

Electricity and Magnetism

  • Electrodynamics
  • Electromagnetic Radiation and the Photoelectric Effect


  • Work, Energy and Power


  • Revision of all Topics