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Orientation Phase and Junior Secondary School

In Grades 5 and 6, DSJ learners undergo an Orientation Phase during which they are specifically prepared for the demands and challenges of Secondary School by highly committed German and South African teachers.

The teachers pay particular attention to and support the aptitudes and abilities of the learners in order to encourage them to think and learn independently. The Orientation Phase equips learners for the
challenges of Secondary School from Grade 7 onwards.

Junior Secondary School – a step towards more independence German Home Language Stream (Deutsch als Muttersprache = DaM)
Learners of the German stream are taught according to the Secondary School curriculum of the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg. The medium of instruction is predominantly German.

German Foreign Language Stream – New Secondary School (NSek)
This programme starts in Grade 5 and is aimed at non-German speakers from South Africa. Learners of the German Foreign Language stream are required to pass entrance examinations as well as undergo an aptitude test before being accepted.

English is the medium of instruction, with German being taught intensively. This allows learners to become familiar with German as a foreign language from an early age. In line with the character of cultural interaction of the DSJ, the learners are taught together with learners from the German Medium stream in selected subjects.

As a third additional language, the DSJ offers Afrikaans, French or Zulu from Grade 6 onwards. In addition, Computer Studies and Business Economics are offered from Grade 9 onwards in order to
prepare learners for the NSC and Kombi-streams.

The successful completion of the DSDII (Deutsches Sprachdiplom) (German) examination offers additional opportunities for studies in Germany and/or employment in German companies all over the world.

The New Secondary School is open to:
• learners without prior knowledge of German,
• boys and girls with diverse cultural backgrounds and origins, and
• applicants from Grade 4, that passed an admission test in English and mathematics as well as an ability test.

The New Secondary School offers:
• intensive German tuition from Grade 5 onwards,
• National Senior Certificate (NSC),
• the German Language Diploma II (DSD II) which, in conjunction with the NSC, allows learners to apply to German universities,
• the German International Abitur and
• school busses to many suburbs.

Registration of non-German learners

Non-German learners will be taught in English from Grade 5 onwards. Knowledge of German is not an admission requirement.

After submitting the necessary enrolment documentation ( your Grade 4 child will be invited to the application test.

The English test will assess the applicant’s ability to read and write, the vocabulary and the grammar. It is not a multiple choice test. The mathematics test will assess basic arithmetic, number sequences, measurements, fractions (rational numbers), an understanding of analogue time and logical thinking. Interpretation of tables and graphs will also be expected.

If you have further queries, please contact Mrs. Ursula von Lüdinghausen on 011 726 6220.

Last but not least – discover a fun way of learning
Sleep-overs and class trips in Grades 5, 6 and 8 are organised for all classes in these grades. These events provide further opportunities for cultural interaction. The social skills of learners are promoted in this way and these class trips form an integral part of the educational work at the DSJ.

The annual learner exchange with the Rupert-Neß-Gymnasium in Wangen/Allgäu (Germany) promotes lively communication in the German language and is a highlight for Grade 9. Fifteen learners from
Grade 9 participate in lessons at the Rupert-Neß-Gymnasium for two weeks and get to know the country and its people, as guests of families in Wangen. The learners from Wangen come to South Africa in October or November of the same year.