Open Day

Open Day

14 March 2013

2013 has proven to be a busy year and the trend continued with the annual Open Day on Saturday 9 March 2013. With the final preparations being made the evening before, the DSJ staff and learners were ready to welcome the outside world to our wonderful school.

As the clock struck 9am, the first wave of visitors poured into the DSJ and they were welcomed by the prefects. Despite the fact that it was a Saturday and a normal school day, there was a great sense of excitement from the DSJ population. The DSJ was a site to behold and visitors were impressed by the infrastructure at the school. It proved to be an eventful morning for those involved with new enrolments and this can only be seen as a positive reflection going forward.

With a normal timetable being followed, visitors were able to experience everything at the DSJ and there was a wide variety of activities during the day. The newly renovated Reception area was well received while the Learning Centre, Kindergarten and ‘Kultur-Café’ in the Foyer were some of the busiest areas in the school.

The DSJ would like to thank all the staff and learners for their help to make the Open Day the success that it was. We look forward to building on this year’s success in 2014!

Savo Ceprnich
March 2013