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NPS: New Primary School

School Year 2018

Strategic goals:

To familiarize children from non-German-speaking homes with the German language during both years of their pre-school education in kindergarten and preschool to such a degree, that they will be able to learn reading and writing and follow lessons taught in German with children who speak German as a home language.

In 2002 the DSJ opened its doors to children of nursery school age who do not speak German.

With this programme the School wants to address the educational level of the new South Africa and offer competent children the opportunity besides the German language and culture, to gain the qualification to study in Germany.

NPS learners enjoy a unique and comprehensive language programme, not only in their Regenbogen Kids years but also in Primary School. However, no lateral entrants will be admitted in the Primary School.

Already in Kindergarten, the NPS learners will visit compulsory support lessons in the form of workshops. Extramural activities such as cooking and baking, sports games, music and drama offer the learners extracurricular opportunities to apply and reinforce their acquired German language skills.

For the integrated NPS learners in Grade 2, separate compulsory support lessons are provided after normal lessons. Here they are able to experiment with and practise their language skills. Games, songs, small book projects and many more serve to strengthen and reinforce their communication skills.

In Grades 3 and 4 NPS learners have further opportunities to attend support lessons in German at the Phoenix Centre.

The NPS programme significantly supports the character of cultural encounter of our School.