Matrik Ergebnisse

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Matrik Ergebnisse

31 December 2014

In 2014 29 candidates wrote the NSC and 16 the Combined NSC Abitur.  All of the candidates passed.  All candidates have passed with an entrance to further study at a tertiary institution.  From the combined stream, all 16 candidates have obtained the minimum requirements to study for a bachelor’s degree. All 16 candidates have obtained the minimum requirements to study at a German tertiary institution or at a tertiary institution in those countries that recognise the German International Abitur.  From the NSC stream, 28 candidates have obtained the minimum requirements to study a bachelor’s degree and one candidate has obtained the minimum requirements to study for a diploma or higher certificate at a tertiary institution in South Africa.  No candidates are excluded from tertiary education. Compared to the overall IEB results, the DSJ fared very well, as can be seen from the table below:

Candidates passed 100% 98,4%
Candidates failed 0% 1,6%
Candidates passed with BD 97,7% 85,5%
Candidates Passed with D 2,3% 11,6%


Our Top Achievers:

Candidate Distinctions Stream
Hannah Mminele 10 (full) Kombi
Isabel Pretorius 10(full) Kombi
Katharina Weber 9(full) Kombi
Michelle Barboure 8(full) NSC
Katharina Mminele 7 Kombi

The following learners acheieved distincitions:

Distinctions Learners
6 Monika Carl – Kombi
Stefan du Plessis – Kombi
5 Paula Kramer – Kombi
Nadja Macherey – Kombi
4 Kirsten Franzmann – Kombi
Christa Springer – Kombi
3 Simone Stenemann – NSC
Katlego Dibakwane – NSC
Michelle Gramlich – NSC
2 Saskia Brijmohan – NSC
Kyle Holzhausen – NSC
Allison McAllistor – NSC
Thembelihle Ngubane – NSC
Sven Weihe – NSC
Matheus Streicher – Kombi
1 Alexander Bouwer – NSC
Chad Botha – NSC
Reabetswe Moloi – NSC
Thabo Nyaku – NSC
Ethel Sibanda – NSC
Eric Williams – NSC
Tilo von Ketelhodt – Kombi
Martin Holenstein – Kombi
Lilian Malan – Kombi

With a total of 104 distinctions, the DSJ attained more than 2 distinctions per candidate.

The following candidates made the top 1% in a specific subject:

Michelle Barboure: German Home Language NSC
Katharina Weber:   Abitur Biology, Abitur History and Music Appreciation
Hannah Mminele:   Abitur Chemistry, Abitur German Home Language, Abitur Physics and Abitur Mathematics
Christa Springer:  Music Appreciation

Both Hannah Mminele and Katharina Weber made the IEB’s list of outstanding and commendable achievements.  Katharina had 5 subjects in the top 5% and Hannah had 6 subjects in the top 5%.

The DSJ congratulates its Kombi- and NSC Candidates of 2014!  They have achieved excellent results.

Jan van Wyk
December 2014

(The German version of this article will be available soon)