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Leitbild und Schulprogram

Schulprogramm 2022 bis 2025

‚When The Heart Bleeds Red‘

The whole Theatre 2016 experience was absolutely incredible! It has been an honour to uncover the wonderful talent embedded in the DSJ system.

Over the many months of rehearsals, I watched each student bring new life to the stage, and it filled my heart with so much pride watching them shine in our final performances.

I have, from a young age, always had so much passion for theatre and performance and it is so humbling to be able to foster that passion amongst others. Then, to partner with someone, like Mandy Newell, who shares that same passion, just creates the most incredible dynamic in rehearsal.

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Mandy. She has taken so much time to partner with me and to create remarkable visual imagery in the dancing. Her creative input has been utterly invaluable.
The students are filled with so much creativity and gave countless, wonderful and innovative ideas, resulting in this production being a product of everyone’s creatvity, students as well as directors.

I have learnt so much through this experience and I’m grateful that the DSJ fosters a platform for learning, not only for their students but also for their staff.

To my stars, my wonderful cast and crew, you are so talented, so incredible and so worthy! Thank you for this experience and thank you to everyone who came to support these amazing kids! Theatre 2016, AH-WOOOOOOOO!

Bianca Schulte-Brader
October 2016