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Inclusion Counselling and Individual Support Planning

To cope with everyday school life, sometimes more support is needed. You can find out more here.

Inclusion counselling and individual support planning

To get along in everyday school life, sometimes additional support is needed. As an integrated school, we see diversity as a learning opportunity for the social and emotional development of all.

As part of the growing inclusion concept, we offer:

  • individual support
  • specific support services
  • preparation of support plan agreements

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What is an individual support plan?

A support plan is a document that records in writing all support needs and agreed support measures for our students. Together with all parties involved, we evaluate it on a quarterly basis.

In this way

  • all steps are transparent and comprehensible
  • all participants are actively involved through regular exchange.
  • a close-meshed documentation is possible, which allows us to organize the transitions between our school departments more smoothly.

What are concessions?

Learners with special needs can be granted concessions on a case-by-case basis. These measures are intended to compensate for the specific disadvantage without changing the requirement profile of the task.

Learners with concessions are expected to perform in the same way as all other learners. However, they receive assistance and sometimes different grading criteria to demonstrate their performance.

Concessions may include, but are not limited to, the following when necessary:

  • Time extensions in written tests
  • A separate room for writing tests
  • Technical aids

Process for Concessions