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Holiday Care

The DSJ offers a care facility during holidays (Easter, Winter and Spring). This offer is available to children attending the Playgroup (from age 4), the Kindergarten, Pre-Primary and Primary school.

Benefits for the children and thus for the parents are:
· high-quality care
· improving of German language skills
· improving of social skills
· effective use of recreational time
· contact with children of the same age

In addition, the holiday care programme provides parents with peace of mind at work, while their children are well looked-after.

We aim to create interesting and stimulating holidays for the children and focus on a specific theme during this time. This can be an historical era, different cultures, interesting lifestyles or areas
of our daily life.

The theme chosen will be dealt with daily for two to three hours and includes various activities like e.g. story-telling to expand knowledge. We will make props, games and instruments and use them, prepare meals together, rehearse plays and lots more – all that with a strong focus on the German language. At the same time, the children playfully improve their team-working abilities.

In the remaining time, children have the possibility to play freely, run and make use of their own creativity. We play board-games and also have time to relax and tell stories.

Thus the holidays are an interesting, diverse time during which the children expand their knowledge.

The full-day program is offered between 7h00 and 17h30, the half day program takes place between 7h00 and 14h30.