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Extra Murals

Our pupils can choose from a wide variety of extra mural activities, where they are given the opportunity to follow their personal peferences, to improve and strengthen their talents. Extra murals are offered by the Primary School as well as by the Secondary School.


Primary School:
Freiwillige AG 1. Halbjahr 2019 Grundschule – Primary School Extramural activities 1st Semester 2019
Pflicht AG 1. Halbjahr 2019 2. bis 4. Klasse – Special Interest Courses Grade 2 to 4
1. Klasse Freiwillige AG 1. Halbjahr 2019 Grade 1 Voluntary Extra Murals 1st Semester 2019
Anmeldeformular für die Flöten AGs 2019 – Registration form for the extramural

Secondary School:
Extra Murals Term 2 and 3 2019