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English Medium High School

Since January 2012 the DSJ boasts an English Medium High School from Grade 8, which is open to English speaking learners.

The newly established stream at the DSJ provides non-German learners with the opportunity to prepare for the National Senior Certificate of the IEB. German is taught as second foreign language, allowing the graduates from this stream to take up their place in a globalised society. Over 600 German companies are represented in South Africa which enables school leavers from the English Medium High School to expand their career possibilities. The multilingual aspect also opens the doors to other cultures and nationalities. The curriculum and extra-mural activities include everything that is required to shape graduates into well-balanced and future-oriented individuals.

Senior Secondary School

From Grade 10 onwards, the DSJ offers two school streams of senior secondary school: the Kombi stream and the NSC stream. The respective school-leaving certificates both allow school graduates to study in South Africa, Germany or elsewhere in the world.

The Kombi stream
With this combined bilingual stream, learners obtain the schoolleaving certificate of the German International Abitur, as well as the South African National Senior Certificate (NSC), within three years. They therefore acquire the most highly rated university admission of both Germany and South Africa. The German International Abitur is recognised as university admission in over 170 countries worldwide.

NSC stream
The DSJ is a member of the private South African Independent Examination Board (IEB). This allows learners to obtain the South African National Senior Certificate (NSC), also referred to as Matric, at the end of Grade 12. In addition, the German Language Diploma Level II (Deutsches Sprachdiplom II) ensures direct admission to German universities. The English Medium High School learners will sit for the German Language Diploma Level I (Deutsches Sprachdiplom I) which requires a bridging year should they wish to study in a German speaking country.