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Eco Schools

Dear DSJ Environmentalists

I am very proud to announce that all your concerted effort has raised the DSJ as an Eco School to the international standard. WESSA has identified us as an International Eco School.

This is the fifth year of participation in the Wessa Eco Schools programme and we have achieved so much!

2014 Gauteng Eco-Schools Assessment Results

Every year I note that teachers become more engaged in their eco-activities and this enthusiasm is caught on by the learners. The highlight of this year was the environmental week we celebrated from the 15-18 September 2014. It was our first year of organising an entire collection of activities all into one time slot. With environmental month being September it was most ideal for us to put together a programme for this time. And it was much appreciated!

We had all sections of the school participating, right from the little learners in the kindergarten celebrating Spring Day, and planting seedlings outside their newly constructed classrooms. All culminated with the heritage day celebrations on the last day. All classes from grades 5-9 were allocated an external culture which they researched and presented. Dressed in their traditional clothing as well as the culture they represented the learners had a lot to share and experience from on this day.
The technology learners of grades 5 & 6 researched and built owl boxes under the supervision of their teacher, Mr Koetter. The school was visited by a representative from Eco Solutions who informed us on the care for owls on the property, as well as the positioning of owl boxes.

The Kindergarten also celebrated Bandana Day, were learners wear bandanas to school and these are then donated to the cancer fund. These little eco conscious little people have a little ‘Ronnie Bag” which they take home and fill with waste paper. They bring it back to school and add to the Mpact paper recycle bins on the school property. We continue with our waste separation and recycling activities at school.

‘SKIP-Waste’ works together with us on this activity. It is now possible for the DSJ community to bring in their used printer cartridges for recycle. This is the new add-on to our recycling activities at the school.
In this year’s Eco-Schools programme we focus on Soils and Light and Light-based Technologies. With the load-shedding planned for 2015, we hope to roll in enlightening programmes to cope with the situation. These activities are not just for every individual at the school, but for our community as well.

Rashika Nowbotsing
Enviro Co-ordinator DSJ