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‚On the 2nd of August Thabisile came to our school. We went to the foyer. There we sang a song for them. After that we got called into groups. I was in the pink group. I made lots of friends called: Oratile, Meme, Jessica, Thandeka and lots more! We went on a tour and had a snack. We had a muffin and a juice. Then we went to our activities. I was in the group where we made lovely pictures with oil pastels. After our activities we went to the Aula to get our lunch. After we had watched a movie and played a quiz, they had to go.

On the 11th of August we went to their school. It was way smaller than ours. They sang a song for us. We got put into groups again. Luckily I was with most of my friends. We went on a tour around the village. After we had our activities we had a burger and then sadly we had to leave.‘

Amelie Meyer Grade 4a

‚On Wednesday Thabisile came to us. When they arrived we sang songs to them, one in English and one in German. Then Mrs. Vosters called our names and we had to go to our groups. First we took a tour around the school. My group went to the classroom. We got a partner, mine was a boy. But he wouldn’t speak to me even if I spoke to him. We each got a book , on the cover we made a South African flag out of newspaper. Then it was break, during break this boy from Thabisile asked me my name and then he hugged me. I said why me! We had lunch and after lunch we went to the foyer to watch a video of our school.

A week after we went to Thabisile, as we entered they were holding signs up. While we were there we did activities. We walked out the school and took a tour. It was break after that and we went back to school.‘

Salma Domingo Grade 4a