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Courses in 2018

Last update: 12.11.2018 (soon to be fully updated)

Overview Courses 2019 Term 1 and 2 pdf

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Kindergarten + Vorschule – Kindergarten + Preschool
Grundschule – Primary School (1 – 4)
Mittelstufe – Secondary School I (5 – 9)
Oberstufe – Secondary School II (10 – 12)
Eltern und Mitarbeiter der DSJ – Parents and Staff of the DSJ

Not sure if there are clashes with sport or art extra murals?
List of Extra Murals: Extra Mural/AGs

Course Programme

General, free offer


Life-Long Learning

Parents and Staff

German Language Courses for Parents 2019
Term 1: From the inside out – ALL STAFF
Term 2: Mindful Parenting Fleck

Bodytalk – Claire Bless
Coaching – Ulrike Pretorius

 Individual Needs

Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Reading and  Spelling Training 


 Social and Emotional Skills

Primary School 

Term 1 and 2: Sitting still like a frog – Grade 3 + 4 – Mindfulness and Concentration Training – Frau Fleck
Term 3 and 4:
Sitting still like a frog – little frog – Mindfulness and Concentration Training – as part of the AG Programm in Grade 1

Academics – Support

Kindergarten and Pre-School

Deutsch-German KG 0 and KG – A – Frau Molai 
Deutsch-German KG 0 and KG – B – Frau Molai 
Deutsch-German VS – A – Frau de Kock
Deutsch-German VS – B – Frau Berger

Du bist dran! –  Playing German (Parents  & Children) – (RT-KG0-KG-VS) Frau Fleck

Primary School

German – Marburger Spelling Training Grade 3 and 4 – Frau Broich
Term 3: German – Marburger Spelling Training – Grade 2 – Schaefer-Fleck

Mathe – Rechengeschichten und Zahlenrechnen – Klasse 3 + 4 – Frau Korzeniewski


Secondary School I (Grade 5 – 9)

Maths – Understand and pratice –  Grade – 5 – 7 – German Stream – Frau Fleck
Maths – Basics – Grade – 8+9 – German Stream – Herr Witrin
Maths – Basics – Grade 8+9 – English Streams – Herr Dibakwane


Academics – Challenges

Kindergarten and Pre-School
CogniBlocks – KG and VS – Frau Korzeniewski

Secondary School I (Grade 5-9)
On request:Latin – Grade 5 – 9 Mrs Snyman

Secondary School II (Grade 10 – 12)
2019: APMaths Klasse-Grade 10-12  Fossati, Pelwan

Term 1 + 2: NBT Training Grade (Kombi) Grade 12 – Fossati
Term 2: NBT Training (NSC) Grade 12 – Fossati

Academics – Skills

Secondary School I (Grade 5-9)

tba: FOCUS – Study Skills – Lernmethodentraining – Klassen-Grade 5+6 Fleck 

Below you can find more information about our offer:

Life-long learning… This is for everyone, whether student, parent or staff member; a great way to maintain your cognitive ability and flexibility. The Phoenix Centre supports this by offering courses for relaxation, parenting, languages and other competencies. The centre also organises talks on selected topics, in-house training and publishes articles of interest on its internet platform: „Cup of Concrete“.

Individual needs… Individuals may require support to enhance strengths or overcome difficulties. We provide this using various methods, for example: concentration training, reading and writing training, occupational therapy and speech and language therapy. We also offer a broad selection of assessment opportunities.

Social and emotional skills… This area focuses on the skills we need to effectively engage with other both socially and later in business; giving your opinion in a self-assured manner, maintaining your own boundaries while respecting those of others, resolving conflict agreeably and proactively and understanding yourself better. Diverse topics are covered including: Social competency, Overcoming and dealing with exam anxiety, Friendship guidance and How to avoid and deal with bullying. We also offer one-on-one therapy sessions and orientation support for families new to the DSJ.

Academics… Last but not least! The Phoenix Centre especially aims to enhance academic performance. We offer supportive instruction designed to reinforce and complement the school subjects. We also have courses aimed at providing an extra challenge to especially motivated and interested students. In addition, we have courses which enhance academic skills e.g. study skills and help build a solid foundation for a successful academic career.

If you would like to view the course programmes within these four areas (LISA), please scroll up to “course programme”.