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This year’s Career Day 2022 at DSJ took place in a mixture of present and online. Once again, more than 25 exhibitors were present in the auditorium, covering diverse career fields in an entertaining way.

Students were able to stroll between the booths and learn about job application processes, among other things. You could see that the students really appreciated this interaction, as it was not possible the last two years due to Covid-19.

Then it was off to classrooms, where 10 speakers talked about their professional lives online in two timelines and students could ask questions.

I was very pleased that we were also able to get three alumni of our school to participate in our Career’s Day:

Dr. Nonkululelo Boikhutso (1998), CEO of the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital, gave a touching opening speech and encouraged the students to live their professional dream.

Furthermore, two speakers from Germany were online.

Mr. Rolf Endres (1999) introduced the interesting “Strategy Consulting” and Mr. Bodo Gohla-Neudecker (2000) reported about the exciting development of “2nd life batteries” at BMW.

Throughout the school year, the lecture series “Pack es an in Deutschland” takes place at the DSJ. Speakers report at the school or via video meeting about their everyday working life in Germany.

We would be very pleased if you would also tell us about your professional experiences in Germany.

Please contact Mr. Leibersperger at the following address: