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Career Assessment

Career Assessments can be incredibly helpful for individuals who either have no idea about what they want to do after grade 12 or they want the career assessment to confirm that their proposed career choice is well suited to them.

The career assessment process entails exploring 3 dimensions:

  • An aptitude assessment considers a person’s ability to achieve in certain tasks. This highlights a person’s potential.

  • A personality questionnaire looks at how well suited a person’s personality will be to specific professions.

  • An interest questionnaire assesses the degree of interest a person has in specific fields.

By considering these 3 aspects of a person we are likely to come up with a career option whereby a person is reaching their full potential, can feel fulfilled and is able to reach a high level of enjoyment.

When we are able to find the overlap between these 3 dimensions a career recommendation can be made that is likely to lead to career satisfaction. This is the feeling we have when we wake up in the morning and feel excited about the workday ahead, because we are doing what we enjoy and enjoy what we are doing.

We are now partnering with the University of Johannesburg’s Centre for Psychological Services and Career Development (PsyCaD) to conduct online career assessments for our grade 11 learners at a fee of R600 per learner.

Please contact Dr. Ursula Froschauer on for further information.