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Anti-Bullying Counselling

Contact point for students in case of hardened conflicts and bullying. Learn more here.

Anti-bullying Counselling

Our anti-bullying counsellor at the school supports especially students in the secondary school to:

  • stop bullying
  • clarify bullying cases
  • strengthen social and emotional competences of all involved.

One speaks of bullying when the following four characteristics are present:

Imbalance of power: The victim is always alone and is exposed to one or more bullies and their followers.
Frequency: The attacks on the victim occur at least once a week.
Duration: The assaults take place over a longer period of time (weeks or months).
Conflict resolution: The victim cannot end the bullying on their own. It needs the help of others.

In this brochure you will find detailed information: What parents and educators should know about bullying

Fiona Schäfer

Learners can contact the anti-bullying counsellor through the anti-bullying mailbox or in person.

What other steps can students take to solve a problem? Bullying Problem Solving