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The DSJ offers a diverse after-school care program for children of all ages.

The main objectives of the after-school care are:
· to motivate and support learning
· exposure to a German language environment
· improving and expanding German language skills
· improving social skills
· enhancing creativity
· motivation to use spare time sensibly

Playgroup, Kindergarten and Pre-school
Children have the opportunity to spend the afternoon in a mixed age group.

After having lunch together, the children are offered various creative and sports activities which are taking the school calendar and seasons into account. They can play freely, play boardgames, make use of the outdoor areas and test their own creativity. This environment helps children to improve their basic German language skills and expand many of their social abilities and skills.

Primary School
The afternoon care for learners of the Primary School mainly aims at supporting and assisting with homework. Following lunch, the children do their homework supported by the German-speaking teachers and prepare for tests.

Thereafter is enough time for playing, being creative or participating in sports activities.

The German speaking teachers put an emphasis on the development of the German language.

Grades 5 – 9
The main focus for this age group is being placed on supporting and assisting learners with their homework, preparation for exams, projects and presentations. Following homework, learners have
time to play and join in sports activities to improve and use their social skills.

All these activities are in German to ensure that learners improve their vocabulary and language abilities.