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About Us

We want to be a diverse support centre of the German International School Johannesburg, which keeps an eye on the well-being of the learners and strengthens our school as a whole.

Our Mission is the promotion of:

  • subject-specific and methodological skills.
  • individual potential.
  • social and emotional skills.
  • sensory and motoric development, perception and processing.
  • language and communicative ability.

We are there for the everyone in the school community:

  • learners – to successfully complete their school career with a holistic development of the personality.
  • parents – to answer parenting or pedagogic questions and to help parents support their children in their development and in studying as well as providing support for the parents themselves.
  • teachers and staff of the DSJ – to support and encourage colleagues in their work life.

This is important to us:

  • individualized, goal-focused support and therapy.
  • a high quality of content in courses and therapy
  • qualified facilitators, trainers und therapists
  • optimal course size (usually 6 – 8 leraners)
  • a constructive, vibrant and open exchange with learners, parents, teachers and staff members
  • content and time flexibility
  • Your interests, suggestions and ideas!

Our Guiding Principles (pdf)

Office hours/ Bürozeiten: Monday to Thursday 8:00 to 12:00a nd by arrangement: 011 726 6220