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How does one define the success of a school, is it your current learners, your former learners or both?

Marketing’s Savo Ceprnich caught up with some of our DSJ Altschüler, who finished between 2010 and 2015, to see what they are up to today.

To view the video, please click HERE!

A big thank you to:
Thomas Johannsen (Class of 2010)
Heidi Barends (Class of 2010)
Nicola Johannsen (Class of 2011)
Linda Mahlangu (Class of 2012)
Dimitra Enslin (Hiestermann) (Class of 2012)
Sebastian Ammon (Class of 2013)
Thabo Nyaku (Class of 2014)
Michelle Gramlich (Class of 2014)
Peter Johannsen (Class of 2015)
Zaakirah Kay (Class of 2015)
Rueben Hope (Class of 2015)

Savo Ceprnich