A ‘Roller Coaster’ Day at Goethe-Institut

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To experience a wild roller coaster ride, to listen to music at concert volume, to play football with friends – who would expect such a thing in a library?

We, the DaF pupils of the 10th and 11th grade of Mrs. Mbohwa-Pagels, had the opportunity to make a trip to the Goethe-Institute on the penultimate school day. There we were supervised by Vernon Scholtz, who showed us that the Goethe Library has much more to offer than books and therefore also bears the name “Library Gamebox Hub”. We were able to take a virtual roller coaster ride, listen to music in a soundproof box, put Germany together as a puzzle, browse books and magazines and were encouraged to realize our own dreams and ideas. Matthias Witte , an expert in teaching at the Goethe-Institut, also gave us a very interesting introduction to language teaching.

In view of the variety of offerings and the numerous suggestions and possibilities, Vernon was named “Super Librarian” by us. And of course we want to come back to “Goethe”.

Florian Hindelang