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#125DSJ Learners’ Day

The DSJ learners celebrated the school’s 125th birthday in style on Tuesday, 15th September. During a week of celebratory festivities, this day was dedicated to them. From the Regentröpfchen to the Matrics, the learners were treated to a variety of fun activities.

In the Kindergarten, the little ones enjoyed a proper birthday party with face paint, a jumping castle, popcorn and candyfloss. They were also visited by a magician and took part in a drumming workshop. The Grundschule danced the morning away, learning a barn dance in the Aula and then partying at a disco in the Turnhalle. Meanwhile, the High School was split into two groups for their first activity, with the Grade 5 to 8s enjoying a fun assembly while the Grade 9 to Matrics (joined by a few teachers) took part in a drumming workshop.

In the assembly, the Grade 5 and 6s presented time capsules that they have been working in the build-up to the week. These time capsules aim to keep a record of their lives in 2015, and incorporate work from various subjects, such as diary entries and object descriptions as well as class photos. The various classes’ capsules were placed together into a water-tight box and were buried under the school flags to be dug up and reopened in 25 years. The Grade 7 and 8s took part in a different projects, using creative writing to reflect on the school’s next 125 years. Their writing was painted onto tiles, which are being installed permanently at the school. At the assembly, some groups presented their poems and the two grades then released 50 helium balloons with their poems attached to spread their words across Johannesburg.

After the assembly and the drumming, the prefect team, with the help of some enthusiastic Matrics, expertly took charge of the Grade 5 to 12’s. They treated the senior school to a selection of Crazy Games, which all learners contributed to with fantastic spirit. Each grade could win points for each game and the Matrics took first prize. Well done!

What would a birthday party be without cake? The biggest event of the day came next, with the whole school coming together on the hockey field to sing ‘Happy Birthday’. The cake consisted of 1250 brightly-coloured cupcakes and was decorated to look like the German and South African flags. It even included a replica DSJ Bell Tower. After the Kindergarten blew out the many candles, each learner and staff member received a cupcake.

The day wasn’t over for the High School. First there was a ‘dance-off’ – a ‘dance-off’. Each grade performed in turn, and even a few brave teachers put on a show. After that, the hip-hop dancers took centre stage. With spirits flying high and the music pumping, the day then concluded with a colour fest. Brightly coloured powder flew everywhere and everyone soon looked like a rainbow, click below to view the video: Colour Fest

A big thank you to all the learners for participating so enthusiastically and with such birthday spirit, to the teachers and learners who helped with preparations and events on the day, to the prefects, to all cupcake bakers and icers, and particularly to the birthday party organising committee: Mrs Hanouch, Mrs MacLachlan, Miss Mellor, Miss Reichert, Miss Wilkins, and Mr van Wyk.

Katy Mellor
September 2015