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DSJ 125 Year Anniversary Church Service at the Friedenskirche: 13 September 2015

The association between the DSJ and the Friedenskirche goes back a long way. On 24 August 1895, the School Committee made an application to the Transvaal Government for a suitable property around Hospital Hill (Hillbrow) to build a school and a church. Paul Kruger, President of the South African Republic, donated 12 stands of more than 4 000sqm to the German Protestant Community for this purpose. It was during this time that the DSJ was recognised as a state-subsidised school.

The large school building was built in 1897. The Friedenskirche, today a National Monument, was inaugurated in 1912. The ‘union’ between the School and the Church lasted until the DSJ moved to Parktown in 1969.

Pastor Hermann Kuschke, founder of the DSJ and Pastor of the German Protestant Community at this time, most certainly would have approved for the celebration of this long standing union to take place in the Friedenskirche.

We thank Bishop Horst Müller for conducting the celebration service together with Pastor Claudia Nolte-Schamm, who not only a DSJ ‘Altschülerin’ but also an employee of the DSJ.  The sermon was carried out in dialogue-form which made this an appealing and successful event.

Due to the lack of a functional pipe organ, the musical support of the service was in the hands of the trombonists of the Nordrand Gemeinde under the direction of Monika Springer.  Approximately 25 children, under the direction of Brigitte Helmrich and Kamogelo Mochadibane sang a song specially composed for this occasion.  Ulrike Karg and her Flute Group consisting of Annika Köstlin, Nadja Giessen-Hood, and Federica von Allmen were an absolute treat for the ears with their flute intermezzo. The church congregational choir provided an unexpected performance, which rounded off a delightful service. All of the above were well-received by the Congregation.

Mr Bachmeier, principal of the DSJ, handed over a cheque for  R 15000 as a donation for the restoration of the pipe organ. The additional offering during the Service also went towards the restoration of the Friedenskirche pipe organ.

Gaby Ullmann
September 2015