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NPS: New Primary School

The primary objective of the NPS programme is to familiarise children from non-German speaking backgrounds with the German language during their two preschool years, i.e. Kindergarten and Reception years, to such an extent that they shall be able to acquire reading and writing skills in Grade 1 together with their fellow learners from German speaking backgrounds and to participate in subject lessons in German at mother tongue level.

In 2002 the DSJ opened its doors for young non-German speaking children by enrolling them in our Kindergarten. With this language programme the school adresses the educated class of the new South Africa. Capable children are offered the opportunity to learn the German language and culture, but also to obtain a qualification which allows them to study overseas.

The NPS learners experience a unique and extensive language programme during their time with the Regenbogen-Kids as well as in the Primary School. For this reason no newcomers can be enrolled at a later stage or in the Primary School.

In Kindergarten, the NPS children already attend compulsory support lessons, which take place in the form of workshops. Extramural activities such as cooking and baking, sport games, music and drama provide the children with opportunities to apply and consolidate their acquired knowledge of the German language.

Extracurricular compulsory support lessons are also provided for the integrated NPS learners in Grades 1 and 2. Here they can experience, endeavour and train their linguistic capabilities. Educational games, songs and little literature projects, among others, help to enhance and to consolidate their communicative capabilities.

In Grades 3 and 4 the NPS learners have additional opportunities to attend support courses for German in the Phoenix Support Centre of the DSJ.

From Grade 5 onwards the new language structure of the Secondary School , whereby the learners attend 10 German lessons per week, ensures the ideal assistance with the German language.

The scientific advisors Prof Dr Heidi Sarter, (University Potsdam), Dr Nhlanhla Thwala, (Wits University) and Dr Eike Thürmann, (Essen) assisted in structuring and establishing this language programme.

The NPS programme underlines the school’s principle of cultural encounter.