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Our evaluation emphasis in 2017

During the current school year, we will do the following evaluations to ascertain the status of our educational work, to analyse strengths and weaknesses and if necessary, take action to start improving  individual areas:

1. Peer Review

A Peer Review is an external evaluation by peers, i.e. by critical friends. In the centre of our Peer Reviews are three concrete development questions of our school. In October, the DSJ will be evaluated by four critical friends from the German School in Cape Town.

2. Parents‘ Satisfaction

During the school year 2015, all parents were asked about their level of satisfaction with our school. The very positive results were presented at an open evening in February 2016. At the end of this year, we would like to ask again „How satisfied are you with the DSJ?“

3. Pilot project “free homework support for grades 5-8”

We have started the project “free homework support for grades 5-8” this year. During the third term, there will be an extensive evaluation of this pilot project. Based on the results of this internal evaluation, we will decide if and how we will continue with the homework support in 2018.

4. Pilot project Primary School Assistant

For the first time in the primary school, an assistant supports the learners of the grade 1s in order to make individual support during lessons easier. This model which was taken over from the kindergarten, will be evaluated during the third term to see if the permanent establishment of an assistant is a gain for the primary school learners.