DSJ Theatre ‘Manhattan’

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“Manhattan 2017…full of glitz, glam, music, smiles, memories…and all that Jazz. Theatre is always a wonderfully magical experience, both for Mandy and I as much as the students. This year, exploring within a Musical genre that is fun and flashy, is always exciting. We were blessed with a cast that is full of talent, enthusiasm and professionalism, which I really think translated onto the Stage. The kids were fantastic…a real showstopper! What an incredible journey, what incredible memories and what an incredible bunch of people, who became our Manhattan family!” Bianca Schulte-Brader

“Manhattan is a musical based in the darkly twisted world of misplaced celebrity. It is a show rich with leading roles, both big and small. The fast-paced narrative, strong characters and artistically talented dancers made it two exciting evenings of musical theatre. Thanks to the gifted scriptwriter and director Bianca Schulte-Brader, the ever wonderfully creative choreographer and dance teacher Mandy Newell and the technical director Devon Welmers, the standard was elevated from a high-school production to a polished performance. The story took us through both heroines Roxy’s (Stephanie Scheller) and Simone’s (Nina Schulz-Ridsdale) tantalizing dramas and performances. The ‘Cell Block Tango’ was a show-stopper as the girls in prison explain how reasonable they all were when killing their loved ones. The use of both German and English worked effortlessly and the entire cast, scriptwriter, director, choreographer, lighting, sound and music were superb. We enjoyed both evening’s performances thoroughly and would have gone again, had there been a third night’s performance.” Gita Quitter

“Spectacular! Setting new standards for a school musical, this is a toe-tapping show you have to see. Featuring incredible home-grown talent, brilliantly cast in this collaboration between The Green Room Company and Cherry Dance.” Pam Johannsen