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Business Studies

Business Studies 9-12
Final Draft BUSS SAGs 2014
1. ACCOUNTING 2015 (Updated Oct 2014)

Grade 12 Business Studies Guest Speakers

On Friday 30 May 2014, the Grade 12 Business Studies learners presented the topic “Entrepreneurship as a career choice” during a special assembly for Grade 5-12s. The learners recently attended an entrepreneurship training workshop held at Raizcorp – a business incubator model that provides full service business support programmes that guide entrepreneurs to profitability. The DSJ is the first school in the country that has taken part in the newly developed BizCamp programme. During the assembly, members of the audience included representatives of Raizcorp as well as members of the press.

Learners were presented with certificates awarded by Raizcorp and were highly praised for their interesting, fun, interactive and informative presentations to the school. This was a very successful and worthwhile experience for all Business Studies learners and information and skills gathered will go a long way in their future study and career choices. Well done to our budding entrepreneurs!

Click below to view the article from Daily Sun:
Bizcamp – Daily Sun 6 June 2014

Mrs Hanouch


Grade 11 Excursion to ABI – Coca Cola bottling factory

This term the Grade 11 Business Studies learners went on a tour of ABI (Amalgamated Bottling Industries for Coca Cola). ABI Midrand is one of the bottling factories for Coca Cola South Africa. They produce the plastic bottles exclusively for the Coca Cola range of products. This tour formed part of the ongoing collaboration between learner ‘textbook’ education within the classroom and combining it with ‘real life’ integration in the business world. These have proven to be extremely beneficial to the holistic learning and understanding of the subject matter in the syllabus and for life-long learning. The predominant function they were exposed to was the production function. From the moulding of each plastic bottle into the required size right through to the final warehouse storage which was approximately the size of the school soccer field and hockey field combined.

This excursion has proven to enhance the learning process within the classroom significantly. Areas that were brilliantly interwoven with the learning included : the value of environmental scanning, research and competitor analysis, branding, marketing, advertising, human resource management and outsourcing and employment of properly skilled staff to ensure maximum productivity, quality control in production, ethics, financial management, implementation of the marketing mix, purchasing, technological innovation and benefits to productivity and maximisation of profits at the lowest cost with effective time management and top service delivered to customers. Great value and investment was given to on-going training for all staff in an effort to enhance overall performance. Compliance with the Skills Development Act was clearly implemented. Corporate Social Responsibility was seen and understood by all as instrumental in alleviating socio-economic issues plaguing our country.

It was an extremely beneficial and insightful excursion for our Grade 11 learners and this will continue to form part of their ongoing learning in matric. We would like to once again thank ABI and all the staff that so kindly accommodated us and provided such interesting information that contributes to the improvement of education within our country. Our learners only had positive things to say about this trip.

Grade 9 and 10  Business Studies

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Mrs Hanouch